High span, high insulation suspended flooring system

Warm Floor, Warm Home

Up to 20% of the heat in a home can escape through the floor. A house build on MagFloor will eliminate the majority of this heat loss due to the high performance of its rigid foam insulation core. With R-values of up to R8.4 cold floors will be a thing of the past.

Up to R8.4

The 325mm MagFloor system has one of the highest R-values on the market

Span Further

Reduce time and cost with MagFloor’s composite panel system. With spans of up to 4.4m MagFloor can significantly reduce the number of piles and bearers your build requires while speeding up installation with the encapsulated joist system.

A firm floor for comfortable living

A MagFloor is a comfortable floor.

While concrete floors a solid  they are also unforgiving on your feet and legs, particularly if you are standing for a long period of time. Timber floors on the other hand can be overly soft, springy and occasionally squeaky, with a tendency to feel a bit flimsy underfoot.

MagFloor’s interlocking panels provide a surface that is both solid and forgiving underfoot making for a more comfortable living experience.